Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Knit Baby Hat

This one i knit the hat but then made a crochet flower to attach with a button.It should fit a newborn - 6 months

The yarn i used is Moda Dea cartwheel yarn 100% wool or you can use any worsted

Size 6 needles and Size 8 needles

Directions: On size 6 needles cast on 56 stitches

Work in purl 2 Knit 2 ribbing for about 1 inch

(here i decrease 2 on both ends to end up with 54 stitches so it knits up nicer)

Then with size 8 needles begin in stockingnette stitch for approximately 4 inches.

Begin decreasing for the crown as follows:
K 7, k 2 tog

K 6, k 2 tog

K 5, k 2 tog

K 4, k 2 tog

K 3, k 2 tog

K 2, k 2 tog

K 1, k 2 tog

k 2 tog across

Cut yarn about 12", leaving enough length to thread through remaining sts. Sew up the back and there ya go !!!


Rosebud Collection said...

Great pattern..thanks..

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

I love your crafty work, Brook! I only wish I could knit as well as you... Sigh!

Sandy likes retro said...

So cute! I love the flower =)

Mom2Drew said...

I'm really liking yourpattern, but did have a question. When you start to decrease, it's K the whole way and therefore gives a garter stitch look. In your picture, it's still the stockinette stitch. Am I reading it wrong?

Beth said...

Super cute hat!
I wish I had the patience to knit lol

Beth said...

Super cute hat!
I wish I had the patience to knit lol

rocmccabe said...
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rocmccabe said...

I was wondering the exact same thing so I think I'm going to try purling between each line, I hope it turns out, I'll let you know :)

Kelbmac said...

I am also confused about the decrease.
First because of the question asked above. Second because I am wondering if each line is a new row and if so is that a repeat the entire row?

Alethea Fournier said...

If anyone has completed this project can you please let me know if you did this in St stitch or garter? Thanks

Lee Ann said...

HI Brook,
I am a brand-new knitter and I love the look of this baby hat. I have a quick question about needle size and I’m not sure which size to use.

Do I use size 6.00 mm & 8.00 mm needles?
Or do I use US #6 & #8 needles?

Many thanks and many thanks for posting this pattern!

AngiB said...

I love this pattern! Thank you! I do have a question though. I am relatively new to knitting and am not sure if I am reading the pattern right. For the decrease, I k7 k 2 tog. Do I do this all the way across the row, then purl the next row, etc...? I tried this way, and my top was very pointy, which yours is not! Any help would be much appreciated!!
Thank you!

The Nevarez Family said...

You r reading it right. For whatever reason it doesn’t say to purl after each knit together row. But you do.